According to the National Association of REALTORS®, real estate agents participate in the sale of more than 5 million new and existing homes per year. The demand for real estate and qualified agents continues to grow, making a job in real estate one of the best career decisions available. Offering multiple benefits, a real estate career provides job security, variety, and flexibility. Discover the opportunities a career in real estate can offer you.

Enjoy Flexibility

Do you work best in the morning, or in the evening? Would you relish the opportunity to break out of a traditional office environment and enjoy new experiences on a daily basis? Becoming a real estate agent provides flexibility, as you decide when, where, and how often you work. Whether you need a flexible schedule to care for a family, go to school, or simply have more free time, a career in real estate is a profitable option.

Effort Equals Income

Speaking of profit, income earned in the real estate industry is directly related to the effort you put into it. In real estate, there is no limit on your earnings or the potential to be underpaid; your expertise and ability to perform well correlates directly to how much you make. Real estate agents enjoy a bright economic outlook, as their average income has been on a steady incline for years.

Outshine the Competition

Choosing a career in real estate provides multiple opportunities to differentiate your skills from those of the competition. Real estate agents may opt for additional professional designations and ongoing education, giving them a competitive edge. Popular certification programs include:

  • NAR Green Designation. A growing trend expected to boom in the future, green homes are becoming more attractive to individuals and investors. Earning this designation opens up your real estate career to an entirely new market.
  • Property Management Certification. If you are no longer interested in buying and selling real estate, or want to take a break, you can merge your real estate expertise into a profitable property management career via NAR certification.
  • Land Consultant Accreditation. A distinction earned by a small percentage of real estate professionals, accreditation as a Land Consultant requires additional education and training. These land specialists assist buyers in the identification and purchase of quality properties.

Never Get Bored

Even after years of experience in the real estate industry, you always have the option to change your specialization. It’s not uncommon for real estate agents specializing in residential properties to venture into commercial brokerage, appraisals, or industrial brokerage.

Ultimately, starting a real estate career offers opportunities not found elsewhere while providing the flexibility to enjoy life’s best moments.